One Last Sleepless Night – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

One Last Sleepless Night – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

One Last Sleepless Night with the final quest of A Fated Encounter and is unlocked after completing the previous quest, What Dreams May Come. This page of

ONE LAST SLEEPLESS NIGHT WITH Kassandra Assassin’s Creed Valhalla cheat

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In this video I will show you the full walkthrough of the Eivor Quest “One Last Sleepless” from the AC Odyssey & Valhalla Crossover Stories.
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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla:Counting Sheep:What Dreams May Come:One Last Sleepless Night:Part-22

Gather the Five Shards
Counting Sheep requires Eivor to gather the five shards that will open the door to the Cave of Gold. These shards can be obtained in any order. For the purposes of this wiki, we’ve labeled them alphabetically, going clockwise around the map as their markers are displayed.

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Shard A – Hungladder
Shard B – Brother’s Cave
Shard C – Fair Pools
Shard D – Dun Ardtreck
Shard E – Excavation Site
Shard A – Hungladder

Shard A is the closest one to the Cave of Gold and therefore, is likely the first you’ll go to. The Shard is located in Hungladder a town on the northern coast of the Isle of Skye. The entire town is a Restricted Area. Therefore, it’s full of enemies that will attack you onsight.

The Shard itself is located inside a mine in the center of the town. The town is big enough to allow you various paths to stealthily sneak your way through and eliminate enemies. You’ll find the Shard on what seems to be an altar inside the mine.

Shard B – Brother’s Cave

The first step to finding Shard B is to go to Brother’s Cave which is on the island at the SE edge of the Isle of Skye. The entrance to the cave is a little obscured. Approach it from the beach. Find the small gap in the cliffside to the right of the gravel pile.

Once slide your way into the cave, immediately take out your weapon and kill all the snakes in the room. Then, read the note next to the pedestal to continue to the next step. Seems some brothers ran off with the shard.

Head back out to the beach turn left. Use Odin’s Sight to highlight the footsteps on the ground. Follow the trail as it leads you to the tiny village of Inverarish.

In the center of the village, there’s a well. Break the planks covering the well and head down to the bottom. At the bottom of the well, you’ll find the Churchton Bay Key. Grab the key and climb out.

Continue following the footsteps as they lead away from the village. Until you approach a shabby campsite.

There are a few bears in the area, so quickly run and climb up the wooden structure on the right side.

Walk across the ropes at the top of the structure. Use your bow to break the clamp holding the pile of stones. Once the stones drop, you’ll be able to jump across to the final platform and collect the shard. While you’re up there, you can safely attack the bears with your arrows.

Shard C – Fairy Pools

Obtaining this shard requires you to fight a tough opponent. If you’d rather avoid a fight, make sure to have either 500 silver to spend or a Charisma at level 3 or higher before going for this shard.

Shard C is near the southern border of the territory in an area called the Fairy Pools. In the center of the area, there’s a corpse on an altar. You can grab the Fairy Pools Chest Key to open the nearby chest. The shard is not in the chest, but the chest does have some resources.

To find the shard, look for the tallest waterfall. Walk through the waterfall to discover a small opening in the cliff. Examine the empty pedestal and then go back outside.

You’ll now find an old woman at the altar with a pack of wolves at her side. Speak to the woman and she’ll mention that she has the shard. You’ll then have to resolve the matter by picking one of the three options.

You can pay the woman 500 Silver to buy the shard and ask her to leave.
You can fight the woman and her wolves and take the shard after killing her.
If you have your Charisma is at level three or higher, you can just talk her into giving you the shard.

If you fight her for the shard, you need to kill her and her wolves. She fights with double swords and is surprisingly agile for her age. Remember the Bride and Groom you spoke to during the first quest Tossing and Turning in Kiltaraglen (the Bride was the person that told you where to cursed church was)? Well, this is her mother.

If you kill the old woman, she’ll be unable to attend her daughter’s wedding that occurs in the final quest of A Fated Encounter. If you resolve the matter peacefully, you’ll see her at the wedding and she’ll thank you for helping her out.

Shard D – Dun Ardtreck

Shard D is located in Dun Ardtreck which is an enemy compound on the SW corner of the Isle of Skye.

Dun Ardtreck is also the location where you can obtain the Spear of Leonidas, a mythical-level weapon that was featured in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Click here to see How to Get the Spear of Leonidas!

The shard itself isn’t actually in the camp and is actually underwater near the shore. Look for the ruins of a tower poking out of the water next to the shoreline.

Dive below the surface, and look for the glowing school of jellyfish. Dive in that direction while using Odin’s sight, and you’ll eventually spot the yellow glow of a small chest and the white glow of the shard.

Once you reach the submerged ruins, you’ll find the shard on the ocean floor, beneath the small chest.

AC Valhalla One Last Sleepless Night Walkthrough

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Normal Difficulty
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Exploration: Pathfinder
Combat: Vikingr
Stealth Difficulty: Assassins
Female Eivor

AC Valhalla One Last Sleepless Night Walkthrough. Assassin’s Creed crossover DLC. A fated encounter. Eivor meets Kassandra in Kiltaraglen so they can have a drink.


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